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    Sporting Clays is the closest thing to actual field shooting of all shotgun sports. The sport dates back to England in the early 1900s when trap shooting used live pigeons. With the introduction of clay targets, the sport began to take on the popular form known today. But rather than using standardized distances, target angles and target sizes, sporting clays courses are designed to simulate the hunting of ducks, pheasants and even rabbits. Six different sizes of clay targets give the participant the experience of actual hunting conditions, so you can see why the sport is so popular with hunters.  COARSE RULES


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Sporting Clays History

WMBDC member price for 100 targets is $25.00

The WMBDC also offers a Sporting Clays Discount Program for non club members.

Non club members can purchase a discount card for $25.00 which allows them to shoot for the member price of $25.00. The card is good for one year!


 Course is open Saturdays 10am-closerules.html

Please contact Gordie Forbes for shooting information and questions.


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   We have braved another Granville winter and our course is now open!

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